The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler: Book Review

by Bill McManus — Huffington Post

Book Synopsis

This book follows the first, formative years of Adolf Hitler’s life. Presented as a personal journal, this is a fact-supported re-telling of a desperate existence, as viewed by Hitler, and tracks the points of pain that forged his beliefs. From a childhood of abuse and cheating death to an agonizing unrequited love to torturous years as a beggar in Vienna to finally finding his destiny. Inflamed by delusions, Hitler embraced the powers he believed guided his life.

This is a story of dire happenstances that broke a mind and spirit, created beliefs that twisted innocence, ultimately morphing into a malicious brew that changed the world forever.

This is the one story that’s never been told.

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This book had me sitting at the edge of my metaphorical chair, chilling concepts discussed in beautiful dialogue. I applaud the author for such a brave attempt at a book that can either be loved or despised for its premise. I definitely fall into the category that Loved it. 5 Stars.

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From Literature to Education: 4 lessons of courage

by Alexandra Kodjabachi — PersED Blog

I recently encountered a rather unsettling and masterful book. The author proved a rare gift: her ability to portray the complexities of not any human psyche, but that of a man whose name alone invokes some of the most atrocious images of history. Yet, more surprisingly, this arduous mission is the novelist’s first writing adventure. What can this masterful debut teach us and how can it inspire us?

Anne Mogan, the author of The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler, Volume I, slipped through the cracks of megalomania and, with the needle of a powerful literary mind, stitched the deepest thoughts and the most human feelings that made dangerous a broken child.

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